This Birthday Box has everything you will need for a birthday ! And it is ready to be sent to your friend, relative but we totally understand you would want to keep it for yourself too!!


You will find :

- a set of candle HAPPY BIRTHDAY

- a set of foiled ballons HAPPY BIRTHDAY

- two foiled ballons with your age number

- one Party Confetti Popper

- a set of 40 color ballons

- a Party set of 4 accessories ( hat, whistle, blower and serpentin)

- one bottle of Tartesso Espumoso, Vino 0° Alcohol or Kidibul (up to you) 750ML

- one JIMMY'S Pop Corn Bag 90GR

- one NACHO N DIP Cheese 175GR

- one NON STOP Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 65GR

- one bag of candies 200GR

- one BEANBOOZLED Jelly Beans 54 GR

- one JELLY BELLY 20 Flavours 70GR

- two lollipops: Candy Cane Rainbow 28GR and Spirale Lolly Rainbow 45GR

- a selection of 4 Chocolate Bars ( Reese Cup, Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat...) +/- 45GR

- a selection of 4 Candy (Mentos, Bubblegum, Skittles, Smarties, M&Ms...) -/+ 40GR


Birthday Box