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How Can We Assist?

What are the payment options?

Credit Card, bank wire, paypall... you name it!
But payment is required before any shipment is done.
No exceptions.

When will the bwatte be delivered?

That's easy! Whenever you want!
But in order to make sure you get the bwatte on the exact day, make sure you order it at least 5 days in advance.
For bigger orders we advise at least 10 days before the event date.

Can I customize my bwatte?

Sure! This is even a recommandation, especially if you are gifting the bwatte.
2 options: We print out your personal note or we can even handwrite it on a postcard! You will find these options in the shop.

Alergies and preferences?

If the bwatte you want to purchase contains some items you dislike or wish to replace, just mention it in the order note and we will find the perfect fit!

What about the environment?

We are concerned about ecology, that's why our cardboard boxes are 100% recycled and made of cardboard.

Our dunnage particles are also 100% recycled and regenerated products.

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